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Posted by Bruce B. on 29th Feb 2016


Huge reason number 1.   Keeps your floor super neat and clean. 

Putting a coating on your garage concrete floor allows you to keep your concrete floor neat and clean. Well, yeh obvious, but let me explain. Oil drips from the car, dirt arrives each day as your car pulls into the garage, and water and snow drip its way into the pores of the concrete. All of these things create long lasting problems that rear their ugly heads later down the road.

Let me explain further, it's a no brainer to understand how oil seeps into the pores of concrete and remains there forever. It's hard to scrub out or remove because it hides deep down inside concrete where it's hard to get at. Oil is like a magnet attracting dirt and dust becoming sticky and unsightly. No one likes to see oil spots on a driveway or in particular their garage. Not only that but think about stepping in it accidently on the way into the house. Basically over time concrete becomes discolored and ugly to boot.

What about water moisture? In a closed in garage, water can get trapped into the pores of the concrete and becomes hard to evaporate out. Water breaks down concrete and in time can become brittle and flake off. If you live in a freeze thaw zone, all that expansion and contraction creates havoc on a good slab of concrete. Water can be destructive to say the least.

Coating your garage floor with epoxy solves all of the above mentioned problems. Why? Because the epoxy coating locks in the pores keeping out all the dirt, oil, dust, H2O and ugliness that can get deep inside the pores of concrete. 

Ever clean a garage that has been coated with an epoxy coat on it? Piece a cake. You can sweep out the dirt, wash it out with water and broom your floor and it looks new again. Best of all oil stays on the surface and can be cleaned up with a little detergent and wiped away clean as a whistle.

Huge reason number 2.   Makes your garage floor look like a million bucks. 

More and more home owners are looking to make their garages look as good as their living rooms. Sounds crazy but a good looking garage is something to brag about. After all the garage is just another room in the house right? Well kind of, but most people that like the inside of their house to look good, also like the outside to look good and that includes the garage. As a homeowner I can tell you that I love my epoxy coated garage floor. It looks like a million bucks and I love pulling my car onto the floor and parking it there for the night.

There are many options to choose from when coating your garage floor with epoxy. There are endless colors, and decorative paint chips to choose from. For those of you that don't know, decorative paint chips add a great look to the floor. After coating the floor with the colored epoxy of your choice, decorative paint chips are sprinkled on the top to add that extra good looking flare. You can sprinkle a little or a lot. It's called a partial broadcast of chips or a full broadcast of chips. Either way it looks good and it's up to you as to how you want it to look.

Not to stop there however you can take it a step further and paint checkered squares onto the floor. Also for a real amazing floor you can add metallic powders to the epoxy and create a one of kind blow your mind crazy good looking floor. Want more? Another great way to make a great looking garage floor is to color stain the concrete with 2 to 3 colors. Next, put down a clear 100% solids epoxy over the color stain to finish it off. It adds incredible depth and gives it a glass like look. The stain under the epoxy really pops and done right looks incredible. By the way Epoxydoc offers a color stain that will work great with your garage floor and it's super easy to use.

Huge reason number 3  Epoxy is a better product to use than rubber mats and rubber squares.

Trust me when I say that an epoxy coating is almost always better than rubber mats or rubber squares. Why? Because I have first-hand experience with rubber mats that I installed over my own garage floor several years ago. Whenever it rained or I drove in after a snowy day, water would accumulate and collect on top of the mat. Moisture then worked its way underneath by the sides. With no way for that moisture to evaporate out, and over time. the surface of the concrete just fell apart. An expensive fix was all that was left at that point. Keep in mind that rubber mats are about 8 feet wide and roll out to the end of a garage.

You might ask if tile squares is a great option? Well if you don't mind dirt , moisture, and worse yet oil getting into the open areas of the rubber square, or in between the sides of the tile and working its way underneath . With enough time it will happen and you will have to remove those squares in order to clean it properly. It's a lot of work you probably won't want to do. Keep in mind that it is also expensive to buy.

So, when are rubber mats and squares a good idea? Usually when your concrete is so screwed up and you have no other choice. If your concrete is broken, falling apart or just plain in bad shape then squares can be an option. Remember I am not here to bash anyone's product, just here to help you be aware of a few things. Overall I think you'll be happy with an epoxy floor that is maintenance free.

Huge reason number 4    Hello, to an increased resale value. 

You add value to your house whenever you update, upgrade, or make improvements to your property. In this case adding an epoxy coating to your garage floor adds huge value to your house and property. For example, let's say you want to sell your home. When someone comes to view your house and they see upgrades in several areas, already finished, it makes it much easier for you to sell your home. Sounds obvious right? You'd be surprised at the number of homeowners who don't get this simple idea. The more upgrades the better, and the better price you will receive. Big factor men love it.

Installing a new epoxy floor to your garage is easy and inexpensive, so why not do it? While you're at it, add in a few garage cabinets to complete the look and functionality of your garage. We have heard many stories from real estate agents, home owners, and contractors, that have commented on how improving the look and function of the garage has helped make the house easier to sell. When your garage is fully organized, it gives it a huge preconceived value. The cost to install an epoxy garage floor inexpensive. The value to the home huge. And now last huge reason........

Huge Reason #5   Your garage is much more than a parking stall.

. We think of a garage only to park our cars in, but a garage can be much more than that. We need to make the most of our space and use it wisely. Garage organization is the key to keeping things neat and tidy. Start with an epoxy floor. This will keep your floor clean. Next add garage cabinets and wall mounts to hold tools. You can even purchase racks that hang from the ceiling so you can store boxes and other things. Not only can you hold more things this way but it looks amazing.

Lastly, a garage is a great place to build in a work station. This allows for a place to assembly things, and work on home projects with tools nearby. All of this at a very reasonable cost. If you have questions after installing your new epoxy garage floor, about where to purchase garage cabinets and other organizers we will be happy to help you. 

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